August 22-24,2019
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August 22-24,2019

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Inthe starting year of the national "13th Five-year Plan",our country comprehensively boosts the development of the senior serviceindustry, which has become the key topic attracting the attention of thegovernment and the society. With the rhythm of the times, On May 3, 2016, theopening ceremony of 5th China International Senior Service Expo washeld in the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

Onthe morning of May 3, 2016, the opening ceremony of 5th ChinaInternational Senior Service Expo and 5th China Senior ServiceDevelopment Forum was held in the China National Convention Center, sponsoredby Ministry of Civil Affairs and National Elderly Work Committee Office,organized by China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service, BeijingBureau of Civil Affairs and Beijing Elderly Work Committee Office, andco-organized by the China Social Welfare Foundation. Wang Jianjun, ExecutiveDeputy Director of National Elderly Work Committee Office, hosted the openingceremony. Zhang Meiying, Deputy President of 11th CPPCC, GaoXiaobing, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Wang Ning, DeputyMayor of Beijing, and Gregory Ross Shaw, Minister of the InternationalRelations Ministry in The International Federation of Ageing, attended theopening ceremony and addressed speeches. Zhang Meiying, Deputy President of 11thCPPCC, announced the opening ceremony of the Expo.

Thisexpo continues to take "Gratitude, Care, Service and Development" asthe mission. The domestic and international social organizations and theservice enterprises enthusiastically have participated in the expo. There are242 organizations from 18 countries and regions in the expo; and the audiencequantity reaches around 50,000; over 120 domestic and foreign experts andscholars have the deep exchanges concerning the research achievements and thepractical experience on "5th China Senior Service DevelopmentForum" and 12 sub-forums; 52 news media, including Xinhua News Agency,CCTV, People's Daily, CNR, CRI, BTV, Beijing Daily and Beijing Evening News andso on, have given the report about this expo.

ChinaInternational Senior Service Expo, established in 2012, has been successfullyheld for five times. For five years, 373 organizations from 29 countries andregions in total have attended the expo; in our country, 1,275 organizationshave attended the expo in total with the audience of around 250,000. The expohas won the recognition and the widespread reputation both at home and abroad.It has become the brand expo in the domestic senior service field.

Thisexpo will show three points of the highlight:

I. The forum theme is outstanding, theory andpractice innovation is attractive.

"5thChina Senior Service Development Forum" was hosted by Yu Jianliang,President of the Social Welfare and Philanthropy Promotion Bureau of Ministryof Civil Affairs. Gao Xiaobing, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Civil Affairs,introduced the important function of the development of Chinese senior serviceindustry in population aging, guarantee and improvement of people's livelihood,expansion of the domestic demands and promotion of the economic transformationand upgrade and emphasized the objective, principle and work main points ofgreatly boosting the development of the senior service industry. She earnestlyexpected that through the platform of China International Senior Service Expo,we could learn the experience of developing the senior service from thecountries and regions to learn from others' strong points and offset our ownweaknesses, conduct reform and innovation and write the new chapter of thedevelopment of China senior service industry. Wang Ning, Deputy Mayor ofBeijing, introduced that the Beijing Municipal Government had explored theworking thought of constructing the Beijing mode of the senior service systemwith Chinese characteristics during "13th Five-year Plan"in the speech; Wang Longde, member of 12th Standing Committee ofNPC, deputy director member of Education, Science, Culture and Public HealthCommittee and president of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, illustratedthe main contents of domestic medicine-care policy on the main forum and expoundedon the related duties of the government, the society and individuals; ZhengGongcheng, the member of 12th Standing Committee of NPC andpresident of the China Social Insurance Association, proposed activesuggestions as to how to strengthen the policy support for the household seniorservice. Hu Xiaoyi, Deputy Minister of the original Human Resources &Social Guarantee and President of the China Social Insurance Association,expounded on the general objective and important tasks of "building a fairerand a more sustainable social guarantee system" during "13thFive-year Plan". Sun Yongbo, deputy governor of Heilongjiang, introducedthat Heilongjiang was making efforts to explore the new mode of migrant birdsenior service while boosting the development of the senior service industry;Li Hongbing, Deputy Director of Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs introduced thatthe Beijing Municipal Government guided and encouraged the social strengths tojointly construct the innovation and practice of senior service system with thecharacteristics of the capital; Gregory Ross Shaw, Minister of the minister ofInternational Relations Ministry in International Federation of Ageing, thoughthighly of the increasing global influence of China International Senior ServiceExpo, which has attracted many domestic and foreign sponsors and exhibitors andis rapidly becoming a gala that the global senior service industry cannot miss;Che Xingfeng, President of Northeast Asia of International Social WelfareAssociation and president of South Korean Social Welfare Association, analyzedthe challenges and opportunities that the earth village faces in the times ofpopulation aging and proposed the active suggestions of boosting the elderlyappetency industry, reduce the burden of national welfare policy and familyburden; Benoît Sevcik, Counselor of The Department of Health and Social Affairsin French Embassy in China, introduced the French government's supportivepolicies of the senior service and discussed the new modes and new opportunitiesof Chinese and French cooperation; Pinchas Cohen, President of the Davis AgingSchool of University of Southern California, introduced the route of thefrontier scientific technologies to support the individualized health seniorservice. The wonderful speeches made by the guests on the main forum haveprovided the intelligence support and policy reference for the social seniorservice system with Chinese characteristics.

Theexpo held 12 thematic seminars in the same period: "Elderly Health CareThematic Seminar", "Thematic Seminar of Elderly Architecture StandardConstruction", "Thematic Seminar of Senior Service StandardConstruction and Operation Management", "Thematic Seminar of SeniorService Information Technology Innovation", "Practice and PromotionTheme Seminar of Senior Service Brand Construction", "ThematicSeminar of Community Household Senior Service", "Thematic Seminar ofSenior Recovery and Nursing", "Thematic Seminar of Medicine-CareCombination", "Thematic Seminar of Aging Education and Senior ServiceTalent Cultivation", "Thematic Seminar of Elderly HealthManagement", "Thematic Seminar of Cognition Disease PremiumNursing", "R&D and Promotion Thematic Seminar of Senior ServiceEquipment Articles". Meanwhile, the governmental leaders of Heilongjiangled the group and held the "Special Cooperation Recommendation Conferenceof Senior Service Project in Heilongjiang" during the expo.

Theforums in accordance with the theme exhibitions took the national latestpolicies of boosting the senior service industry during "13thFive-year Plan" as the orientation, gathered the domestic and foreignexperts and scholars and the practical workers to conduct a deep discussion andexchanges of the themes. The conference was filled with the audience. Thewonderful speech on the stage and the enthusiastic interaction boosted thesub-forums to the climax.

II. The internationalexhibition groups expand the scale and the localization tendency becomesobvious.

Onthis expo, the international exhibition groups from over 10 countries such asAmerica, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium,Australia, Japan, Israeli and Singapore attended the expo. The Frenchexhibition group was carefully planned and actively organized by the Frenchembassy in Beijing; the premium brand enterprises of 14 French senior services,including MGEN, ORPEA, COLISEE Group, etc., have shown the fruits of Frenchenterprises in China in recent years; Japan Gasoline Company has shown up inthe expo for five consecutive years and organized the joint exhibition of 17branches in China this year. The joint exhibition of the Davis Aging School ofUniversity of Southern California and its partner in China boosted the internationaltraining project for senior managers in senior organizations; BritishPatients2People Co., Ltd. (P2P) that attended the exhibition for the first timeboosted the brand-new medicine-care community household care service plan andthe talent cultivation mode; The joint exhibition of the Health & LifeSciences and Social Service Branch of Canada Conestoga College and GuanghuaInternational Education Association has boosted series of internationalcooperation and training projects; the international exhibition presents a goodtendency that the international community actively marched towards the Chinesemarket.

III. Domestic seniorservice brands become more and more mature.

Thedomestic brand exhibition area of this expo was lead by the governments and associationsof Beijing, Heilongjiang and Shandong, showing the decision and confidence ofthe governmental departments of all levels in order to boost the senior servicedevelopment in the starting year of "13th Five-year Plan";Senior service brand enterprises in the related provinces and cities such asBeijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Hebei and Henanattended the exhibition with great enthusiasm, desiring for the cooperation ofthe industry. The private enterprises in the theme exhibition areas have becomethe main exhibitors. The market integration force, service functions andoperation management levels of the domestic brand enterprises have beenobviously increased; the marketization speed of senior service has been obviouslyimproved; the new-type comprehensive complex of finance+ senior care, medicine+senior care, health+ senior care, IoT+ senior care, real estate+ senior care,including Taikang Community, Jialehui Association of China Standard, BeijingGenomics Institute, Zhongfu Senior, Lvkang appeared, embodying the goodtendency of the transformation from the traditional service industry to thesenior service industry. In the senior service information technologyexhibition area, the science & technology companies such as ShandongLanchuang Group, Tianjin Passion Company, Shenzhen Qianhai, Zhengzhou DaxiangCompany, Nanjing Socool-tech, Hangzhou Sirui, etc. that have won the gold awardof "SSIDC 2nd Information Innovation Competition of SeniorService Industry" have become the innovative brands in the senior serviceinformation field.

Thenational "13th Five-year Plan" has regarded constructionof the senior service industry as the important task. This expo has gainedcomplete success and released the development tendency of the government's fullpromotion, the active participation of the social strengths and the rapidintegration of the market during the "13th Five-yearPlan". We will continue to focus on service, make scientific planning,expand the channel, widely gather the resources and make close cooperation tofurther improve the brand influence of the expo, makes the expo larger andstronger and realize the wish of "Caring about the elderly and making ourlife more beautiful".

2017China International Senior Service Expo is looking forward to yourparticipation.